How it Works


  • Step 1. Go to our website
  • Step 2. Click the first icon (then select from the list of coin you will be depositing), now click the second icon (select from the list the coin you would like to receive). Then select “Quick” or “Precise”.
  • Step 3. Next you will see a screen with the fields to enter where you would like your funds to be sent to, and a field to input your (Crypto) address for the coin you would like to deposit.
  • Step 4. Once you have finished, check and click the agree to terms.
  • Step 5. Bookmark this webpage after you are finished.
  • Step 6. Now your ZigiDeal deposit address is displayed. Inside your own wallet, you will need to send the funds requested to that address displayed.
  • Step 7. Once our system detects the funds, the exchange will take place, and your funds will be sent to you once it’s completed. You can follow the process along via the Order ID page mentioned above.
  • Step 8. Select “See on the blockchain” to view the status of your transaction in the network.